Belgrade Philharmonic in a dire financial state

Right before Friday night’s concert, the musicians of the Belgrade Philharmonic read a letter to the audience in which they talked about their difficult position and organizational and financial problems that remain unresolved.

It’s been two years since the death of the Orchestra’s director, Ivan Tasovac, and the Belgrade Philharmonic still doesn’t have a permanent director, but an acting one. The Orchestra members have the lowest salaries among the regional philharmonics, while the Orchestra’s budget has been decreasing for years. The Philharmonic still practices in an old venue, despite promises of a new one being built. It also doesn’t have enough money for advertising – the statement says.

The Acting Director of the Philharmonic, Darko Krstic, said that the resolution of the issues mentioned in the statement will start soon.

„As for the new concert hall of the Belgrade Philharmonic, the process of acquiring a building permit has been completed, so after obtaining the permit and drawing up the project, construction will begin in seven to eight months,“ Krstic stated.

He added that the new Serbian government will soon publish an ad looking for the new director of the Philharmonic, as well as that a working group has been formed in the Ministry of Culture to deal with inadequate salaries of cultural workers.

(Blic, 11.02.2024)


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