Belgrade Philharmonic: Free outdoor concert on 25th June

The Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra and its chief conductor, Gabriel Feltz, will hold a free concert in front of the SIV building in Novi Beograd on 25th June with over 20,000 people expected to come.

This will be the first ever outdoor concert of the Belgrade Philharmonic in the very location where a new building that will house the orchestra will be built. The audience will be given an opportunity to vote on the Orchestra’s official website which classical pieces they would like to hear at the concert.

“Concerts and tours have become a part of our routine, but this concert scares me a little bit because it is a serious challenge production-wise. We need to prepare the land, build the stage, have the top notch speakers, technicians, lighting, and security”, says the director of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, Ivan Tasovac.

This will be a rather unique experience for the chief conductor Gabriel Feltz since this will be only the second concert of the Belgrade Philharmonic that he is conducting.

Three days ago, the Orchestra announced that they sold over 20,000 tickets for the concerts that will take place from 29th September, 2017 to 15th June, 2018 at Kolarac in just four weeks which is almost five months before the beginning of the official season. The new season is titled “The Five Elements”, and comprises of concerts that are categorized in five thematic segments – Earth, Air, Fire, Water and The Fifth.

(Blic, 12.05.2017)

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