Belgrade now has its own AI community

One of the biggest global communities in the artificial intelligence segment is going to be launched in Belgrade this March.

In addition to Novi Sad, the local AI community is starting to operate in Belgrade as well, on March 19th, and its founders believe that Serbia has potential in this field, but that it lacks initiative that would focus on this IT branch.

Their vision is to promote knowledge in this field, examples of good practice, as well as innovators looking to present their AI products globally.

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Although it was launched only several months ago, the local AI community in Novi Sad has so far gathered more than 1,000 visitors at its events. This year, according to Jovan Stojanovic, one of the founders of the AI community, the plan is to launch the Belgrade AI branch and expand to other cities in the region.

“As the culmination of our activities this year, we plan to organize the biggest AI conference in the region, WONDERLAND AI, which will be held on November 8th in Belgrade. Our aim is to bring world-renowned guests and organize various technical and business-oriented sessions. A distinction should be made between process automation and what AI truly is, as the phrase AI is now used pretty liberally. One of the goals of our organization is to separate fact from fiction,” Stojanovic says.

“City.AI is the largest global AI community, which is now present in over 60 cities of the world and which features over 280 local ambassadors who work on the democratization of knowledge in the field of AI. What sets this community apart from others is that, thanks to the support of the global community, many global AI experts attend local events,” says one of the founders of the Belgrade AI community, Jovana Vukicevic.

The first event, which will mark the beginning of the operations of the Belgrade AI community, has been scheduled for Tuesday, March 19th, at the Startit Centre in Belgrade.

Registration is free, mandatory and available at this link.

(Startit, 18.03.2019)


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