Belgrade-Novi Sad train service to be discontinued

Due to infrastructure works, starting on February 1st, the train service between Belgrade and Novi Sad, as well as several international departures from Belgrade, are going to be suspended – Serbian Railways said.

The Novi Sad-Subotica train service will continue as usual.

As of February, 1st, the international train from Belgrade to Budapest, which departure time was 11:13 am, will now depart from Novi Sad via Kelebija at 10:57 am and will arrive at Kelebija at 2:46 pm where passengers will board another train to Budapest.

The Budapest-Belgrade train, with the departure time of 7:57 am, will now arrive to Kelebija at 11:57 am to Kelebija and further on, to Novi Sad at 3:41 pm.

The international train service from Belgrade to Budapest at 9:15 pm, as well as a train traveling from Budapest to Belgrade at 10:15 pm, will be discontinued until the repair works are completed.

Also, the international train service from Belgrade to Vienna at 7:13 am, as well as a train traveling from Vienna to Belgrade at 8:42 am, will be discontinued due to the works.

(Vesti-Online, 30.01.2019)

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