Belgrade needs more youth hostels

The accommodation capacity in Belgrade currently stands at almost 10,000 rooms, and new hotels are springing up everywhere. However, what the capital city lacks are hotels for young people.

In the past year, more than 30 hotels have opened in Serbia, and opening of new ones will continue into 2020. The capital of Serbia got 1,370 new accommodation units in 12 hotels in 2018, there are plenty of four-star accommodation facilities, but what’s missing are lower grade accommodation capacities suited for younger people. In the 1980s, tens of thousands of young people would stay in the city, which now doesn’t have a single hotel solely for students.

The director of Hores (the Business Association of Hotel and Restaurant Industry of Serbia), Georgi Genov, points out that Belgrade lacks large hotels for the accommodation of pupils and students coming to the city on school trips.

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“We need at least 200 or 300 beds. We have only four 5* hotels and five 1* and 2* hotels. The rest are 3* and 4* hotels,” Genov says.

Belgrade is known for its local hospitality and that’s one of the things that foreigners often point out when talking about their impressions of Serbia. Although they praise Serbia’s natural attractions, nightlife and cuisines, they also have some complaints.

“Hotels are criticized for the poor hygiene, whereas safety and food are rated highly at 4.5,” Genov says. 

In order for the Serbian capital to be competitive in the international market, the hotel and restaurants staff needs to constantly develop professionally. Although there are the so-called summer and winter seasons, hotels need to compensate for the costs throughout the year.

According to Genov, the new law defines something called “a secret guest”, whose purpose is to check whether a hotel truly maintains its standards that come with a number of stars it has. Hores will be in charge of this process and this practice will start in 2020, Genov adds.

Currently, four Belgrade hotels are under reconstruction and once this is done, the Serbian capital will have 10,000 hotel beds.

(RTS, 29.08.2019)


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