Belgrade Museum of Contemporary Art to open in 2017

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade will be opened in 2017 following its reconstruction, the museum’s Acting Director Slobodan Nakarada has told Tanjug.

The museum has been closed for nearly nine years now, due to a variety of different reasons, Nakarada said, adding that all art collections had been deposited at a National Bank of Serbia vault pending reconstruction of the museum’s building in Novi Beograd.

The museum, which has nearly 8,000 artifacts, has gone through a very complicated period marked by problems with carrying out a tender for the reconstruction works, he said.

“We have finally overcome those problems – the reconstruction tender is finally over and the funds have been secured. The government of Serbia has declared the museum a capital investment. There is a saying – “once bitten, twice shy”, but, this time around, I can confirm with certainty that we will open the museum in 2017,” he said.

(Tanjug, 11.01.2017)

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