Belgrade mayor replaces heads of public enterprises and municipal secretaries

From the moment he was appointed as the new mayor of Belgrade, Aleksandar Šapićstarted, to replace head staff, both in the city’s public enterprises and municipal administration.

Ten directors of public enterprises in the capital and the head staff appointed by the former deputy mayor Goran Vesić were ‘removed’ from their positions and the process is not over yet.

Šapić’s original plan was to change 14 directors of public enterprises in Belgrade,  but later, following talks with PM Ana Brnabić, that number was reduced to 10.

“As a city administration, we will try to take responsibility for all things that happen in Belgrade. We will be responsible for the work of the directors of public companies,” Šapić said at the time and stated that there were “different reasons” for the dismissal of directors of public enterprises.

“Some were fired because we were not satisfied with their work, others got a bit tired and resigned,” the mayor said. Dragan Đorđević, director of Putevi Beograd (Belgrade Roads), resigned and is replaced by Aleksandar Milentijević. The term of office of the director of ‘Beogradski Vodovod i Kanalizacija’ (Belgrade Sewerage and Waterworks) Strahinja Danilović, who was replaced by Radomir Vujadin, has also ended. The director of ‘Beograd Put’ (Belgrade Road), Ivan Tejić, also resigned and Vuk Janković was appointed in his place.

Dušica Anđelković, director of ‘Direkcija za Građevinsko Zemljište i Izgradnju Beograda’ (Belgrade Directorate of Building Land and Construction), was relieved of her duties, to be replaced by Milan Vranić. The director of Infostan, Goran Dmitrović, was also replaced by Aleksandar Kemiveš, and the director of GSP (city public transport company) Radiša Momčilović was dismissed and Zoran Šarac was appointed in his place.

Aleksandar Jakšić was appointed as the new director of Gradsko-stambeno Preduzeće (City Residential Company), although he is not even 30 years old. Jakšić became known to the general public after his verbal attacks on the Faculty of Economics professor Danica Popović who called out Finance Minister Siniša Mali because of his plagiarized doctoral thesis.

Vesna Tahov, director of the Urban Institute in Belgrade, was replaced by Nikola Mijatović. The director of the Sava Centre, Đorđe Mazinjanin and the pharmaceutical institute ‘Beograd’, Dragan Todorović, were not replaced.

The Social Welfare Centre also has a new director, Silvija Alavanja, replacing Zorica Pavlović. The surprise was the appointment of a former Belgrade city official, Andreja Mladenović, as the new director of the Beogradski Voz i Metro Company (Belgrade Train and Subway Company), but also the ‘departure’ of some well-known names in the city administration.

In July, Nemanja Stajić, who had been in charge of legalization matters related to buildings owned by the city government and often cited as one of the closest collaborators of former deputy mayor Goran Vesić, was dismissed.

In addition to Stajić, Šapić also replaced Slavka Gak, the former city secretary for education and child protection. It was also decided that Milinko Veličković, municipal secretary for the economy, Dušan Rafailović, the city traffic manager, and Marko Kulić, the municipal secretary for general affairs, would also be replaced. The latter took over the duties of the secretary for building legalisation, i.e. he replaced Nemanja Stajić.

(Nova, 11.09.2022)

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