Belgrade is the 19th most favourite destination in the world for digital nomads

The most favourite destinations for digital nomads in the world are Canggu in Bali, Lisbon and Bangkok, while the Croatian capital Zagreb ranks fourth, according to research data from the NomadList platform.

Belgrade is in 19th place, one position ahead of Dubrovnik.

Of all Croatian cities, Split is also highly ranked in 14th place, reports Apart from safety, digital nomads gave the highest marks to Croatian towns for affordability. NomadList says Croatia and Japan are the favourite countries for digital nomads with a score of 4.9.

While Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik received the lowest ratings for the quality of Internet and entertainment, Belgrade is, judging by the NomadList data, a very fun and safe city with affordable prices, but with very bad Internet.

According to official data from Croatia, 775 digital nomads currently have valid temporary residence there, but these data give an incomplete picture because the number of nomads residing in this country is significantly higher. It is estimated that a good part of them come from EU countries and they do not need residence permits, as well as that some digital nomads from third countries stay in the country for less than 90 days so they are not obliged to ask for a residence permit.

Most digital nomads who have applied for permits in Croatia are from Russia and Ukraine. The Russians submitted a total of 440 requests, almost half of the total number of applications. The third most numerous are the nomads from the USA, who at the global level, make up the largest population of digital nomads, estimated at around 35 million.

(, 09.08.2023)

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