Belgrade hotels and hostels: The Telegraph’s review

The influential British daily, the Telegraph has praised eight Belgrade hotels and hostels giving them its highest marks.

The Telegraph reviewed eight Belgrade hotels and hostels – Saint Ten, Tesla Smart Stay, Belgrade Art Hotel, Square Nine, Townhouse 27, Courtyard, Smokvica Bed & Breakfast and the Play Hostel – the Belgrade Tourist Board says.

The Saint Ten Hotel was given 9 out of 10, while the other seven hotels were given 8s and 7s.

The review was written by reporter Mary Novakovic who stayed at all four hotels in Belgrade. Her review is very detailed, covering every aspect of these hotels – from location and architecture to service, rooms, and food and drinks.

The Telegraph calls the Saint Ten Hotel “understated and elegant”, and adds that the hotel “brings sophisticated luxury to one of Belgrade’s most venerable residential quarters”. “Although there are 56 rooms, it has the atmosphere of a much more intimate boutique hotel, with a restaurant that’s becoming a destination in its own right”, the review states.

In the review, the Belgrade Art hotel is described as a “cosmopolitan four-star option” that has “a classy restaurant and ice-cream café”.

The best rated hostel was Smokvica Bed & Breakfast, which the Telegraph calls „the Hamptons in Belgrade“. „Smokvica’s eight rustic chic rooms offer great value for money, and the charmingly ramshackle garden restaurant is one of the most popular in the area”, the article goes on to say. 

(eKapija, 09.08.2017)



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