Belgrade has a new bus fare app

The Belgrade Plus application for paying bus/tram/trolleybus fares and tracking buses, trams and other modes of public transport is active as of today.

Thanks to this application, people can pay their fare via credit card, SMS or payment order.

There are two such applications available in Google Play Store. One is not official and should not be used to pay for the ticket.

The official app has a picture of the Belgrade coat of arms and the words “Beograd” and “plus” (the latter one is written in Cyrillic).

The app is available in English as well.

Apart from being able to buy a bus/tram/trolleybus tickets for the Belgrade area, passengers can also get information on how far is their bus from them. Passengers can buy daily fares, as well as 7- and 20-day ones and annual ones.

(N1, 12.07.2023)

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