Belgrade has 57 new buses

Beginning with Sunday, June 9th, 57 new buses made by the Turkish company BMC will be used for public transport in Belgrade, with 13 more buses from this producer arriving from Belgrade by the end of next week.

Deputy Mayor of Belgrade Goran Vesic reminded that an agreement on the purchase of 244 buses, 70 produced by BMC and 174 by the Chinese company Higer, had been signed in April. 

“BMC has a deadline of two months to deliver the vehicles. The remaining 13 should be delivered by June 24, but I think that the delivery will happen as soon as next week, which means that all 70 buses will be operational by mid-June. All this will considerably increase the quality of public transport in Belgrade. In July, the Chinese company, Higer will start delivering its buses as well, which will be arriving successively by October. With a total of 244 new buses, this is the biggest procurement of buses in the history of GSP,” Vesic said.

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He added that another 50 articulated buses would be ordered from Ikarbus by the end of the year with the purchase of an additional 50 articulated buses, as well as 30 electric buses planned for next year.

“By mid-2020, there will be 374 new buses in Belgrade streets, which means that over two-thirds of GSP’s fleet will be renewed,” the deputy mayor said.

According to him, the next step is to improve the financial position of the employees at GSP.

“The average of a GSP driver is 65,000 dinars. It was 52,000 dinars a year ago. The government has authorized us to employ 184 additional drivers, of which 84 will be permanently employed. People who have worked for ten and more years at GSP will be permanently employed. Furthermore, every person working in Belgrade’s utility service system will be paid a bonus of nearly 42,000 dinars on June 28th, which includes the GSP drivers” Vesic added.

(Mondo, 09.06.2019)



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