Belgrade government to spend 204 million dinars on Christmas lights

Public utility company Javno Osvetljenje Beograd will spend 204 million dinars on dismantling the old and putting up new Christmas lights – according to a document obtained by the Nova Ekonomija website.

The expenses are listed in amendments to the Christmas lights maintenance programme for 2019 which were adopted by the City’s overseeing committee on September 13, the website reported.

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According to the document, a large number of specialists, machinery and materials are needed to set up the lights in 112 locations in the city. “The expenses include wear and tear costs, installation and dismantling costs, as well as the cost of transport and other materials,” it specified.  

Along with the 204 million dinars for the Christmas lights, the city authorities are also planning on spending 441.7 million dinars on the maintenance of the city lighting system and another 20.6 million on the maintenance of decorative lighting. Among other things, the document specified that the cost of replacing a single light bulb stands at 2,804 dinars, which brings the total cost of replacing the light bulbs in 77 locations in the city to 184.6 million dinars.

All in all, the lighting-related costs will amount to 666,666,666 dinars, VAT not included.

The document also envisages that Javno Osvetljenje will replace city lighting containing mercury with the bulbs that are Hg free.

Daily control of installations will cost 119,000 dinars, almost 43,5 million a year, and the cost of manually switching the lighting installations on and off will amount to 47,600 dinars per hour, totalling 1.6 million dinars.

(Nova Ekonomija, 18.09.2019)


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