Belgrade government helps SNS financially?

Aleksandar Šapić, an outgoing Belgrade Mayor, allocated 100 million dinars for the rental of billboards in Belgrade, of which 40 million will be spent by the year-end.

“For that money, we can buy an MRI. The extravagant spending of public money, the turning Belgrade into one big concrete slab and putting the public interest on the back burner are all decisions that the outgoing mayor and Belgrade administration will decide in favour of,” said Vladimir Obradović, a candidate for mayor from Serbia against Violence coalition.

Dobrica Veselinović, also an election candidate from the same coalition, believes that renting so many billboards is a way “to make the Serbian Progressive Party’s (SNS) election campaign more visible”.  

Obradović also noted that instead of being preoccupied with billboards, Šapić should be instead preoccupied with the fact that 23,000 children don’t know whether they will go to kindergarten on Monday.

“The outgoing city administration, led by Šapić, is changing the decree on financing preschool institutions, even though this decision was not coordinated, negotiated or discussed with the representatives of preschool institutions, and that is why preschool teachers have decided to go on strike on Friday,” he said.

(Vreme, 14.11.2023)

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