Belgrade generates over 90 million Euros of tourism revenue in two months

In December last year and January this year, the City of Belgrade generated over 90 million Euros in tourism revenue thanks to various cultural, Christmas, New Year, social and sporting events – the Secretariat of Economy announced today.

– These are the numbers that we can really be proud of. They show that in January 2016, Belgrade generated over 33,642,322 Euros in tourism revenue while, in December 2015, this amount stood at 57,137,904 Euros – said the City’s Economy Secretary Tijana Maljković.

She also reminded that, in January, Belgrade was host to the World Water Polo Championship while in February the city hosted the European Futsal Championship. Also, in the period between December and mid-February, both Belgrade citizens and tourists were able to enjoy in various New Year and Christmas events that took place all over the city during the Belgrade Winter celebration which was organised for the very first time this year.

– The City of Belgrade spent a total of 27,607,091 Dinars on organising the Belgrade Winter which lasted for three months – Maljković added.

According to her, in December 2015, the Republic of Serbia generated a 115-million-Euro revenue from tourism with Belgrade’s share standing at over 50% of overnight stays and foreign tourist arrivals – the data collated by the National Bank of Serbia (NBS) shows. Our capital city also had tourism revenue of more than 57 million Euros in December.

Furthermore, the total revenue from sojourn tax, which is paid directly into the city budget, stood at 16,548,518 Dinars in December, which is a 7.5% hike compared to December 2014.

The number of foreign tourists in Belgrade in December also went up by 13% relative to December 2014, while the total number of overnight stays stood at 136,342 which is an annual increase of 13% according to the data collated by the City Informatics and Statistics Institute.
In terms of foreign currency revenue in January, it amounted to 67 million Euros at the state level which is a 20% increase compared to January 2015. According to the data from the NBS, the city of Belgrade had over 33.5 million Euros of foreign currency revenue.

The revenue generated from the city sojourn tax in January stood at 17,078,660 Dinars which is 17% more compared to the same month in 2015.

There has also been a 24% increase in the number of foreign guests with a total of 111,343 overnight stays in January this year. This is a 27% increase year-on-year.

(eKapija, 11.03.2016)

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