Belgrade Food Show opens

The Belgrade Food Show was officially opened at the Belekspocenter in Belgrade where more than 110 producers from Serbia and the region are exhibiting. The organizers of the two-day event are the United States International Development Agency (USAID) and the Association for the Promotion of Serbian Food; the intention is to position Serbia as a leader of the food industry in Southeast Europe.

The Fair was opened by the Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Zorana Mihajlovic, who said that food is a brand of Serbia, as are Novak Djokovic or Tesla.

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“Food is our gold and as long as there are trade fairs like this, it will be a sign that Serbia lives and is developing,” Mihajlovic said at the opening and added:

“We build roads, railways and develop airports so that everything that is produced in Serbia can be shipped out of our country. We aim to represent Serbia in all areas and to make much more use of the potential of the high-quality food and beverage industry. The Serbian government has recognized the importance of this area and we will continue to support producers and make Serbia’s potential more accessible so that the share of these industries in GDP is over 3.5%.”

The director of USAID in Serbia assessed that Serbia has the potential to be a leader in the production of high-quality food and confirmed that the organization would continue to support the country for further economic development.

“The food industry is a great opportunity and potential for Serbia. I have witnessed how much creativity and love you put into preparing food here and we want to help others outside of Serbia discover it. This fair is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to get together and present their production,” she said.

Member of the Board of Directors of the Association for the Promotion of Serbian Food, Dejan Randjic, expressed his satisfaction that the Belgrade Food Show was held for the second year running, the event is an opportunity to encourage as many entrepreneurs as possible to produce food.

(N1, 10.10.2019)


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