Belgrade Europride organisers expect 15,000 people to attend

Serbian LGBT+ community activist Goran Miletić said that Europride 2022 will definitely be held in Belgrade and that some 15,000 participants are expected.

Miletić confirmed to the Beta news agency that all events already planned for the period from 12 to 18 September will be held.

“The walk will take place on 17 September and the two concerts in Kalemegdan on 16 and 17 September,” said Miletić, who is one of the organisers of Europride. He added that the authorities had not yet banned the gathering, but that it is possible for the authorities to approve a decision banning the walk and hindering the holding of concerts.

“I don’t expect the police to ban outdoor gatherings because there are no legal reasons for this and if a ban is approved in the coming days, we will appeal to the Ministry of the Interior and the Administrative Court. People are very disappointed by the announcement of the cancellation of tEuropride and will certainly gather in large numbers,’ Miletić said.

He underlined that, despite the statements by the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić regarding Europride, none of the high-ranking guests from abroad had cancelled their visit to Belgrade, and that new ones were being announced every day who want to attend the gathering in solidarity.

“The government’s attitude towards the event has annoyed a large number of people, and we now expect more participants than expected to attend the event. On the day of the walk, we expect around 15,000 people,’ Miletić concluded.

(, 31.08.2022)

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