Belgrade: city elections could be held in December

Serbian President and ruling SNS leader Aleksandar Vucic said earlier that his party’s electoral list will be called “SNS – Aleksandar Vucic”.

According to him, that will be the last time the SNS will participate in an election with a list under that name. 

After a speech in Zemun’s Pinki venue, Vucic called on the Progressives (SNS) to start campaigning as soon as on Monday. 

SNS official and cabinet minister Nebojsa Stefanovic also spoke at the gathering, announcing that the city elections could be held in December. 

Last week, a Belgrade daily reported that the SNS campaign will not have a single person – the candidate for mayor – at its forefront, but that the party would instead form its “team for the capital.” 

The previous local elections in Belgrade were held in March 2014, with the deadline for the new ballot now being March 2018.

(b92, 25.09.2017)

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