Belgrade election: What is at stake?

Belgrade election is important both for the governing parties, and those in the opposition. The first will have a task of solidifying their position, and the second will have to achieve good election results if they want to start chipping at Aleksandar Vucic’s rule.

Belgrade elections have always been very important, both politically and economically.

“At this election, the electorate are choosing a person who will be the third or the fourth most powerful politician in Serbia. The party that wins at this election can count on a great political and economic power because Belgrade has a huge budget”, says Bojan Klacar from CeSID.

He also says that winning at Belgrade election is a validation of power and popularity, and for the opposition it would be a good introduction to the upcoming parliamentary election.

In terms of opposition parties, good election results would also mean political triumph after many years of stagnation.

“The opposition has been recording bad results for years and its victory (at election in Belgrade) could trigger big political changes, as well as be a U-turn in their political action”, Klacar adds.

Some of the most noted and powerful Serbian politicians participated in elections in Belgrade first. For instance, the current Serbian president ran for Belgrade mayor in 2004 against late Nenad Bogdanovic, and again in 2008 against Dragan Djilas. Zoran Djindjic won at the 1996 Belgrade election.

The next election in Belgrade will take place in January 2018, a source close to the current government confirmed for the Blic daily. He also said that the candidate of the governing party would be a big surprise.

(Blic, 13.09.2017)


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