Belgrade election to take place on 11th March

It has been confirmed that local election in Belgrade will take place on 11th March, and not on 10th December, as originally thought.

„Тhe idea to have elections in December came from the head of Belgrade’s branch of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), Nebojsa Stefanovic. At first, SNS was in favour of this idea, but after analyzing the current situation, they decided not to rush and wait“, says a source of the Blic daily from SNS.

By speculating that the election could take place in December, the top SNS officials actually tested how the opposition parties would behave. „We have managed to find out everything we wanted to find out, which parties are going to join forces, who are going to be their candidates for the mayor etc.“, the source adds.

„We do hope that the president (Aleksandar Vucic) will be personally involved in the campaign by touring Belgrade municipalities because that would make our victory virtually guaranteed“, the source goes on to say.

The Blic daily did report that SNS might have a woman as a candidate for Belgrade mayor. If she were to win, she would be the third female mayor, after Slobodanka Gruden and Radmila Hrustanovic. Our source says that the mayoral candidate is probably going to be someone who is not affiliated to any political party.                                

Academic Dusan Teodorovic is appealing to opposition parties to join forces at the upcoming Belgrade elections. Teodorovic, who left the Movement of Free Citizens, says that he favours united opposition at the election. “I would like to appeal to all opposition parties and movements in Belgrade to join forces. Each of them wanting to participate in election separately is a rather painful story which does not stand to succeed in the election”, Tedorovic adds.

The opposition favours later date for elections because they are still negotiating about possible cooperation. Tamara Tripic, General Sreto Malinovic and Aleksandar Crkvenjakov are mentioned as possible candidates from the Democratic Party. Nova Stranka (The New Party) will probably nominate Vesna Rakic Vodinelic, while nobody knows as yet what are Vuk Jeremic and Sasa Jankovic planning to do.

(Blic, 02.10.2017)


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