Belgrade election poll: 39% of votes for SNS

If early parliamentary election were to take place now, the ruling party SNS would win 53% of votes – an indicative poll conducted by the Politika daily and the Faktor Plus agency has shown.

In terms of Belgrade election, SNS would win 39.1% providing they participate in the election without the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS).

The poll has also shown that the coalition of the Free Citizens Movement, People’s Party (Narodna Stranka), and Dragan Djilas would win 15.6% of votes, the DS – Nova Stranka – SDS coalition 6.8%, and the Luka Maksimovic Civil Group and SPS 5.8% votes each at the Belgrade election.

Director of the Faktor Plus agency says that the poll results are just indicative and are not a precise projection of the results.

The poll also says that 51% of the electorate would vote, 30% would not, and 19% are indecisive.

Furthermore, the polly, which took place in late December and involved 1,200 participants, has shown that, if early parliamentary election were to take place now, the ruling party SNS would win 53% of votes, SPS 10%, the Democratic Party 7%, the Free Citizens Movement 5.7%, the Serbian Radical Party 5.2%, while Vuk Jeremic’s People’s Party, the Dosta je Bilo Movement, Dveri and the Social-Democratic Party of Serbia would not win enough to have seats in the Parliament.

The poll participants rated the work done by the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic with a 4.1 (out of 5), while his predecessor, Tomislav Nikolic got a 2.5. The Prime Minister, Ana Brnabic got a 3.1.

The most memorable political events last year, according to the poll results, were Aleksandar Vucic’s appointed president of Serbia (53%), Ratko Mladic’s sentencing by the Hague Tribunal (36%), Moscow delivering six MIGs (27%), and opening of the new chapters in the EU accession talks (14%)/

(RTS, 03.01.2017)—na-republickim-53-odsto-glasova.html


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