Belgrade election: Dragan Djilas is opposition’s candidate for mayor

The Free Citizens Movement (PSG) has made a decision to have a joint candidate for Belgrade mayor, and picked Dragan Djilas as the best contender for this position.

The PSG president, Sasa Jankovic said this yesterday after meeting with Djilas.

“Djilas is not only the best candidate at this moment, but also someone who is going to win upcoming election”, Jankovic explained.

The Movement’s press release confirms that the PSG executives have met with Dragan Djilas to agree on the joint platform for the upcoming Belgrade election. The meeting lasted for three hours during which the two parties discussed the strategies for the Belgrade election, and the joint work on formulating their election programme that would ensure a win.

A few days ago, Djilas said that he decided to run for the mayor “to stop the devastation of the nation’s capital city”. The elections are supposed to take place on 11th March next year.

The ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) is yet to name its candidate because the party has been waiting for Dragan Djilas to finally confirm whether he would run for mayor, and if he did, the SNS would launch a counter-offensive, the media reported.

(Danas, 17.12.2017)


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