Belgrade Election Commission: SNS wins 45.6% of votes

The candidate list “Aleksandar Vucic – Because we love Belgrade” won 45.6% of the votes in the Belgrade election, i.e. 64 seats in the Belgrade Assembly, according to the Belgrade Election Commission which has counted votes from 71.39% polling stations or 67.14% of all casted votes.

According to the Commission, Dragan Djilas won 18.71 % or 26 assembly seats, while Aleksandar Sapic got 8.27 % of votes and will have 11 seats in the city’s Assembly.

The candidates gathered around Ivica Dacic and his Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) won 6.35 % which gives them nine seats in the Belgrade Assembly.

Other candidate lists did not get enough votes to pass the legally required threshold. Although the Belgrade Election Commission is still counting votes, the general consensus is that the rest of the votes will not drastically upset the balance of power.

(N1, 05.03.2018)

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