Belgrade election: 24 candidate lists confirmed

The City of Belgrade Election Commission has officially confirmed that a total of 24 candidate lists will participate in the 4th March election in Belgrade.

The only candidate list that was rejected was the New Yugoslav Communist Movement. According to the president of the Election Commission, Zoran Lukic the Movement has failed to meet the minimum legal requirements to participate in the election.

He also added that the Election Commission has completed all technical preparations for the election in accordance with the law and the set deadline. The deadline for submission of the candidate lists expired at midnight on Friday.  

The Commission says that a total of 1,606,693 voters are registered, and that there will be 1,185 polling stations in Belgrade.

The City of Belgrade Election Commission is in charge of conducting the election, while the Commission plus the official representatives of the candidate lists will be supervising the election.

“Also, there are foreign and domestic observers that will be supervising the election too. The media and the representatives of political parties will be present to ensure that the election process is transparent”, Lukic adds.

Here are the 24 candidate lists that will participate in the Belgrade election:

  1. Aleksandar Vucic – Because We Love Belgrade
  2. Dr Vojislav Seselj – Serbian Radical Party
  3. Coalition Ivica Dacic, Socialist Party of Serbia – Dragan Markovic Palma, United Serbia
  4. For Free Belgrade – Democratic Party, Social-democratic Party of Serbia, New Party, Green Ecological Party
  5. Aleksandar Sapic – The Mayor
  6. Civil group ‘What Are You Doing?’-  Marko Bastac
  7. For Current Ones To Leave And For Old Ones Not To Come Back – the Dosta je Bilo and Dveri movements
  8. Dr Milos Jovanovic – Democratic Party of Serbia
  9. Russian Party – Mile Milosevic
  10. Republican Party – Republikanus Part – Nikola Sandulovic
  11. Green Party – “What Kind of Belgrade do you want? Think!”
  12. Unified Justice Party (JSP) – Jekhutno Cidimos CaCimasko (JCC)
  13. Zavetnici – Belgrade Has Strength
  14. For Belgrade – Beogondola – Traffic, Urbanism, Tourism – New Solutions, Specific Projects – Jovan Randjelovic
  15. None of the Above
  16. Citizens’ Party of the Greeks in Serbia – Vasilios Proveleggios
  17. Ljubisa Preletacevic Beli – Because We Love Belovgrad
  18. Stop to Stealing, Corruption and Thievery – Radulovic Milorad
  19. Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) – Cedomir Jovanovic
  20. The Let’s Not Drown Belgrade Initiative – Yellow Duck – Whose city? Our city! – Ksenija Radovanovic
  21. Dr Muamer Zukorlic – Party of Justice and Reconciliation
  22. Predrag Markovic – Movement for the Restoration of the Kingdom of Serbia
  23. Serbian Green Party
  24. Dragan Djilas – Belgrade decides, people for victory!

(Vesti Online, 18.02.2018)




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