Belgrade Car Show: Racing to get the most expensive models

The Belgrade Car and Motorcycle Show is officially opened yesterday, featuring over 350 exhibitors from 20 countries, and about 60 cars and motorcycles that will have their premiere in Belgrade, right after the Geneva Car Show.

The BG Car Show will be opened until 28thl March, and the event was officially opened by the Serbian Minister of Environment. The halls began to fill up with the first visitors, and the inviting offers of 306 exhibitors representing 34 automobile brands with 41 prime ministers are taking breathtaking aesthetics.

Not long after the opening of the Car Show, one of the most expensive cars – Mercedes GLS 350d, priced at EUR 105,490 – was sold. The cheaper model in this range costs EUR 75,000. The buyers of one the most expensive car exhibited at the show chose to remain anonymous.

Otherwise, the most expensive car at the Show is Lamborghini Huracan, worth  EUR 379,000, and the cheapest car is Lada Grant  which costs EUR 7,300.

This is one of only 70 Lamborghini Huracans in the world. Although the car retails for EUR 397,000, if you want to buy one, you will need an additional EUR 300,000 to get the car road ready.

In addition to passenger cars and motorcycles, the Show features all-terrain vehicles, quads, garage and servicing equipment, spare parts, side industry products, tuning equipment, as well as financial institutions, insurance companies, professional organizations, clubs and associations.

(Blic, 22.03.2018)


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