Belgrade Airport terribly understaffed – needs at least 100 new workers

The Serbian Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Goran Vesić, said that Vinci Airports, which manages the Belgrade airport, is understaffed and needs at least 100 new workers.

After the meeting with the French company, he stated that the company promised they would increase the salaries of employees in the airport sorting unit up to 1,000 euros during the season and with bonuses.

Vesić also said that until now the net salary for sorting workers was about 60,000 dinars and that the company appeals to workers who are certified to do this job to apply to work for Vinci.

“The company also announced a welcome bonus of 60,000 dinars for three months for each new employee,” said Vesić.

He went on to say that Vinci already has about 50 potential employees “on hold”, who are currently undergoing security checks.

“I expect that those 50 people will start working at the sorting unit shortly, i.e. as soon as they pass the security check,“ Vesić added.

Seven million passengers will use Nikola Tesla Airport by the end of the year

The minister pointed out that, as of today, around 3.15 million passengers used the airport services so far, and that with the seven million passengers that are expected to use the airport services, these are record-breaking figures.

“Air Serbia alone increased the number of its flights by 40 percent, Wizzair by 109 percent, Fly Dubai by as much as 193 percent, Turkish Airlines by 80, and Austrian Airlines by 42 percent. All airliners now have more flights to and from Belgrade airport which is good, but the airport must be ready for that,” Vesić warned.

He went on to say that it was obvious that Vinci did not expect such a multitude of passengers. “They (Vinci) complained about security checks of potential employees lasting too long, which we will try to expedite, of course not at the expense of security, so that the process of security checks, instead of up to 60 days, would be shortened to few weeks. Together, we have to make this airport fully functional,“ Vesić said.  

Vesić also said that it wasn’t Air Serbia to blame for the problems on the ground, i.e. at the airport, because the Serbian airliner informed Vinci in advance that they would increase the number of their flights.

(Nova Ekonomija, 27.06.2023)

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