Belgrade airport still struggling with long queues

Check-in queues at Nikola Tesla Airport for passengers flying with Air Serbia are getting longer and longer.

Air Serbia said yesterday that its flights from the Belgrade airport, according to the planned flight schedule, are experiencing extreme difficulties due to the tardiness and insufficient capacities of certain airport services.

“In conjunction with other factors that are specific to the current summer season, this leads to frequent flight delays, and consequent cancellations of Air Serbia flights from the Belgrade airport,” the national airliner said.

Air Serbia also stated that it fully understands the justified dissatisfaction of passengers and apologized to all whose flights were delayed or cancelled in recent weeks. The national airliner also urged Vinci, the company that operates Belgrade Airport, to accept its part of the responsibility and normalize traffic flow.

As reported, the lack of airport personnel in key positions was identified as one of the biggest risks six months ago in a document dealing with the level of preparedness for the summer season, but it has not been resolved in the meantime.

“At the joint meetings that preceded the current summer season, the representatives of Air Serbia regularly informed in detail the Vinci Company about all the plans of the Serbian national airline, the increased number of flights, the expansion of the fleet and the unprecedented growth of passengers, for which they even then, the national airliner had detailed projections,” Air Serbia said.

The airliner also stated that for weeks it has been facing “a whole series of problems” on a daily basis at the Belgrade airport, which have “very serious consequences for the regularity of traffic and which are only getting worse every day”.

Air Serbia officials also say that the situation at the airport has recently “started to get out of control”, and that flight delays and cancellations due to the failure of the baggage control device on June 22 were only one in a series of incidents.

The inadequate functioning of airport services has become a chronic problem. The check-in is extremely slow, the staff working behind check-in desks is undertrained and the process takes longer than standard. The baggage lane stops functioning very often, and as a result, long queues are created at the check-in counters for passengers boarding Air Serbia flights.

(Danas, 25.06.2023)

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