Belgrade airport opens a new terminal building

Nikola Tesla Airport has opened its new central processor building today spanning over 11.000 square metres.

The new facility features check-in stations, which will be used alongside those located in the Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 buildings, which brings a total of check-in stations to 82. Once passengers check-in, they will proceed to the first floor of the central processor, where they will first pass through passport control (a total of sixteen stations) and then undergo security screening.

The airport has also begun the construction of a new 3.000-square-metre duty-free area, which will be located after the security check. A new central plaza will also be positioned behind security, which will include new shops, as well as food and beverage outlets. Their completion is expected during the year. In 2023, Nikola Tesla Airport will also begin on overhauling 16.000 square metres of the existing terminal buildings.

In a press release, Nikola Tesla Airport operator VINCI said, “The new area was designed in accordance with VINCI Airports standards in terms of the materials used, the colour palette, equipment, signage, and other architectural and interior elements. The large glass exterior of the central processor features the airport’s name as well as traditional motifs of the Pirot carpet on the windows, which serve as a reflection of the “sense of place” concept of the VINCI Airports Company, conveying a specific local impression through a unique design”.

With access roads to the new central processor still under construction, passengers will enter the new facility through the Terminal 2 building.

(, 04.04.2023)

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