Belgians open animal feed premix factory in Feketic

Belgian company, Ravago Chemicals has opened a modern animal feed premix factory in the Vojvodinian village of Feketic in which it invested 5 million EUR.

As the company’s press release reads, the factory’s production capacity will be 12,000 tons of premixes annually, which is 25% of the premix demand in the region. The factory was built by another Belgian company, Cordeel, and all the equipment is top of the line, produced by the Swiss company, Buhler.

“We have the latest technology, equipment and software in the factory, and we completely rely on science and new technologies in our production process. The entire process guarantees safety of our products”, said Director of the Ravago factory in Feketic, Josip Bubnjevic.

“All the raw material used is tested and analyzed beforehand, and we exactly know what kind of raw materials we use in our premix recipes. This means that there is virtually no room for error and non-compliance of our products”, Bubnjevic adds.

He also says that the factory’s laboratory has the latest raw material and finished products testing equipment including AAS – Atomic Absorption Spectrometer, which is used for analyzing minerals and heavy metals, HPLC – High Performance Liquid Chromatography, which analyzes vitamins, and NIR – Near Infrared Spectrometer Tango which is used in Wende analyses.

The official opening was also attended by Theo Roussis, CEO of Ravago, Axel Roussis, General Manager of Ravago, Filip Van Camfort, General Manager of Ravago Chemicals, Peter Fisher, Vice President of ANH Europe, and Director General of Ravago Chemicals in Serbia, Zarko Alargic.

(eKapija, 11.099.2017)

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