Belgian Firm WindVision Builds Wind Farm in Alibunar

The mayor of Alibunar, Predrag Belic, and the Belgian company WindVision’s project manager, Lazar Lazendic, signed an agreement regarding the financing and execution of the construction and reconstruction of unnamed streets in the context of the Alibunar 1 and Alibunar 2 wind farm projects, which will generate 99 MW and 75 MW of power respectively.

“The investment involves the construction and reconstruction of various roads that total almost 60 km. These roads will be used to transport equipment and large wind turbine components,” said Lazar Lazendic.

The thing that makes the partnership with WindVision unique is that their investment is concentrated in renewable energy. The Belgian investor, as mentioned previously, will build two wind farms and the roads that will allow them to transport the necessary equipment during the project. The local community is interested in the project because it will provide them with a network of asphalt roads that will initially be used to increase the efficiency of agricultural production and to improve access and interurban traffic flow in the future.

“The signing of this contract once again confirms our local government’s desire to provide complete support to the European companies that wish to invest in our region. In this way, at the same time, we are creating the conditions necessary to improve the economy – not just that of our city, but that of the entire region of Southern Banat and Vojvodina,” said Predrag Belic, the mayor of Alibunar.

“In this project, the city of Alibunar will play the role of investor in the reconstruction and development of road networks, and WindVision will provide the funds,” explained Belic. The contract with WindVision is only one of a series of agreements signed and executed between companies and the local government which open the door for other capital investments in the energy sector.

(Ekapija, 04.02.2016)

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