Beldocs Festival from 11 to 18 May

The 15th Beldocs documentary festival will take place from 11 to 18 May and will premiere award-winning documentaries from the world’s leading festivals, which offer an alternative to mass entertainment and uniformity, engage with a viewer deeply and encourage critical thinking.

“Unstuck in Time” is the first major documentary about the writer Kurt Vonnegut. The film authors. Robert B. Weide and Don Argott, delve deeply into Vonnegut’s childhood in Indianapolis, his experience as a prisoner of war in World War II, the story of his marriage and family, his first jobs as a publicist for General Electric and as a car salesman, until 1969 and his literary rise with the anti-war novel “Slaughterhouse No. 5”, which took him to the top of world literature.

“Italo Disco (The sparkling sound of the 80s)” – Alessandro Melazzini and the sparkling sound of the 80s; he is an old guest of “Beldocs” with the film about Cicciolina and comes now with an intriguing story about this musical genre that dominated the 80s.

“Hide and Seek” is the debut film of director Victoria Fiore which had its international premiere at CPH: DOX 2022. „Hide and Seek“ is a reaction to rising levels of juvenile crime, but also to the Italian justice system, which has allowed courts to remove high-risk children from families involved in organised crime.

“The Rossellinis” comes from the Venice Film Festival and tells a journey through the history of a family that has made its mark on art. Alessandro Rossellini, as the eldest grandson of the famous director Robert Rosellini, tells the story of his grandfather from the point of view of his heirs, Renzo (who is also Alessandro’s father) from his marriage to his first wife and then Robin, Isabella and Ingrid from his marriage to Ingrid Bergman, as well as his adopted son Gil and daughter Raffaella from the famous director’s third and last marriage.

Over 100 of today’s best documentaries will be screened at this year’s Beldocs in twelve programme segments.

(Blic, 12.04.2022)

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