Being politically affiliated the easiest way to find a job in Serbia

According to the representative of the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) Petar Antic, data on discrimination in the labour market show that employers, employees and the unemployed believe that there is discrimination in Serbia when it comes to employment.

More than 90% of employees and unemployed, as well as 100% of employers, believe that people in Serbia can easier find a job if they belong to a certain political party.

According to a survey of 1,100 respondents, which results were presented at a press conference, in terms of perceived discriminatory behaviour 100% of employers, 92% of employees and 95% of unemployed, believe that people in Serbia are frequently employed on the basis of party affiliation.

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As a basis for discrimination, about 40% of employers and more than 30% of workers and unemployed people mention marital status, while 42% of employers, 38% of employees and 27% of unemployed people say there is gender discrimination.

Antic said that there is a high awareness of discrimination in the labour market and that everyone notices it in relation to people with disabilities, older people and the Roma, as well as in terms of political orientation.

Equality Commissioner Brankica Jankovic told journalists that the survey shows the same shortcomings identified by her office, namely that the greatest discrimination is based on gender, marital status, age and membership of political and trade union organisations.

As one of the most drastic examples, Jankovic cited a new mother moving to a lower grade job or being dismissed after returning from maternity leave, saying that it is easier for employers to dismiss people over the age of 50, while young people have an employment problem due to lack of experience.

He added that the Roma people are the most discriminated against in the labour market among ethnic groups, which is why 90% of the Roma families do not have a single family member who has a steady job.

(N1, 16.01.2020)

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