Behgjet Pacolli: “Any future PM of Kosovo, except for Haradinaj, will abolish tax on goods from Serbia”.

According to the Kossev website, the Kosovan Foreign Minister Behgjet Pacolli said that the new Prime Minister would abolish taxes on goods from Serbia, unless the resigning Ramush Haradinaj was elected again.

“To reiterate – any future Prime Minister who says he will keep the taxes is lying. This does not apply to Haradinaj because I know him; he is stubborn and when he fixates on something you can’t change his mind”, Pacolli told KTV.

Pacolli added that Haradinaj might not keep his promise, but he would not revoke the tax. However, all those officials who supported the idea of tax would change their mind after the election – Pacolli claims.

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“Other politicians want to abolish taxes and pave the way for dialogue. This is the reality that awaits us after the election,” Pacolli added.

The foreign minister then accused outgoing deputy prime minister Enver Hoxhaj of cheating members of the government when he claimed to have the support of the U.S. embassy for the introduction of the 10% tax on goods imported from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, a measure that was implemented only weeks after the 100%  tax came into force.

“I saw that this was an item on the agenda of the executive session. I did not what was that all about. The Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Limaj looked at each other and Limaj told me that he had an agreement with the Americans. He said that he had just left the embassy, had spoken with the Americans and that the decision (regarding the tax) was made, the decision is taken,” Pacolli said and added that he found out later that that was not true and that no official had spoken to the American embassy about the tax.

The snap parliamentary elections in Kosovo will be held on 6th October.

(Politika, 02.10.2019)



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