Beer and wine favourite drinks in Serbia

In the past year, beer and wine were the two most popular drinks in Serbia, and despite the crisis and the overall difficult conditions, wine and beer industry, including small local breweries, are resisting the pressures and managing to survive, thanks to the quality that, as the producers say, the consumers recognize.

The survey carried out by Demostat showed precisely that – that people in Serbia most often drink beer, whereas wine is the second favourite drink.

Beer was the first choice of nearly a third of the survey participants, less than 29% chose wine, whereas only 14% said they preferred spirits.

The statistics say that beer is still dominant, and last year alone, according to the latest data of the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia for 2019, an average household in Serbia consumed 40.3 litres of beer, 6.8 litres of wine and 2.9 litres of spirits.

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Beer is most popular in the south and east Serbia, with an annual average of over 60 litres, whereas it was least popular in Belgrade, where annual consumption was slightly over 24 litres.

On the other hand, those who prefer wine drink it pretty evenly across the country, though slightly more in the south, as is the case with the spirits.

(eKapija, 19.11.2020)



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