BDP and Industrial Production on the Up

In the third quarter of 2016, the realistic growth of the Serbian gross domestic product (GDP) stood at 2.5%, according to a flash estimate of the National Statistical Office. A more detailed calculation of the GDP for the Q3 of 2016 will be released on 30th November, and this calculation is carried out at the lower aggregate levels using the deflation method.

According to the Serbian government’s forecast, the economic growth of our country in 2016 would be 2.7%, a jump from last year’s 0.8%.

In September 2016, industrial production in Serbia grew by 5.3% compared to the year ago, and by 6.5% compared to the 2015 average – the National Statistical Office has said. The biggest growth was recorded in power and gas supply and the HVAC sector (15.2%), processing industry (3,7%) and mining (0.4%).

(eKapija, 31.10.2016)

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