Batut: “We already have monkeypox vaccine”

Serbia’s Batut Public Health Institute already has both the monkeypox vaccine and antiviral drug, a disease that appears to be spreading to Europe as well.

In the period from May 13 to 21, there were 28 suspected cases and 92 confirmed cases of monkeypox in 12 countries.

The highest number of cases has been recorded in Great Britain, Spain and Portugal (up to 30), followed by Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, and the United States (1 to 5 cases). “Most of the recorded cases are men who have sex with men,” the health authorities say, and point out that no deaths recorded so far.

Batut’s experts explain that most of those infected have lesions on their genitals or perigenital area, indicating that the disease is probably transmitted during sexual activity. They add that that is the first time that transmission chains have been recorded in Europe without known epidemiological links to West or Central Africa, where the disease is endemic.

The incubation period ranges from 6 to 14 days but can last up to 21 days. The clinical picture of monkeypox is similar to that of smallpox and begins with fever and chills, headache, muscle and back pain, exhaustion, and may include cough and sore throat.

(Politika, 24.05.2022)


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