Battle for 400,000 voters

In the remaining three weeks, political parties will fight on two fronts: to preserve existing voters and win over new, undecided voters.

According to the latest research, the latter category of voters makes up about 10% of the electorate, i.e. between 350,000 and 400,000. These are the people who are willing to vote but still undecided on who to vote for.

Vladimir Pejić, programme director of the Faktor Plus public survey agency, says that this year, there are fewer election lists but a record number of undecided voters.  

“These are people who are well-versed in politics, closely follow current political events, are determined to vote but still don’t know who to vote for,” Pejić adds.

He goes on to say that their power is considerable, and both theoretically and practically they can influence the election outcome.

The State Election Commission has so far registered 17 election lists, while in the last elections, there were 19 altogether. Last year, a total of 3,810,559 voters, out of 6,502,307 registered in the electoral roll, voted.

“There have always been between 5 and 10 percent of apolitical people and those are the people you can’t win over by election campaigns. We have two types of abstainers – those who can’t come out to polls because they are ill or some other administrative problem and don’t who don’t vote on purpose as they are not interested in politics”, says Bojan Klačar from CeSID.

Early parliamentary, local and provincial elections in 2023 will be held on December 17th and analysts estimate that the biggest battle for votes will be waged in Belgrade.

(Blic, 29.11.2023)

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