Barcelona Gypsy Balkan Orchestra coming to Serbia

Barcelona Gypsy Balkan Orchestra is coming to Serbia to celebrate its 10th anniversary with a series of concerts.

This international music ensemble will perform its repertoire, both instrumental and vocal, for the first time in Belgrade in the Botanical Garden on June 19, in Kragujevac on June 21 and in Niš on June 22.

Barcelona Gypsy Balkan Orchestra is a world-renowned musical attraction that performs songs in many languages – Spanish, Russian, Romany, Italian, Serbian… The band is based in Barcelona and currently consists of eight members: Margherita Abita (vocals, Italy), Daniel Carbonell (clarinet, Catalonia-Spain), Pere Nolasc (violin, Catalonia), Fernando Salinas (accordion, Spain), Julien Chanal (guitar, France), Ivan Kovačević (double bass, Serbia), Stelios Togjas (percussion, Greece,) Oleksandr Sora (violin, Ukraine).

Tickets for all three concerts can be purchased at .

(Danas, 01.06.2022)

Photo credits: Oliver Jordi

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