Banks in Serbia post a record profit

Banks in Serbia reported profits of EUR 1.04 billion after taxes in 2023.

The Austrian Raiffeisen Bank reported the highest profits of 182 million Euro (more than double that of 2022) after integrating Credit Agricole Serbia Bank. Banca Intesa reported profits of 179.4 million (70 million more than in 2022), followed by UniCredit with profits of 157 million (71.4 in 2022).

The Hungarian OTP Bank reported profits of 142.8 million Euro and the NLB Komercijalna Bank reported 128.4 million Euro in profits after taxes both of those earned some 50 million Euro more than in 2022. The biggest domestic bank AIK reported profits of 69.7 million Euro and Eurobank Direct reported 14.7 million Euro in profits.

Net revenue from interest stood at 1.94 billion Euro in 2023.

Banca Intesa had assets of 7.9 billion Euro and a market share of 15.6 percent. OTP had 7 billion Euro in assets and a market share of 14 percent. AIK Bank and Eurobank Direct had combined assets of 6.6 billion Euro and a 13.1 percent market share. Raiffeisen had 5.7 billion and a market share of 11.1 percent. UniCredit Bank had 5.4 billion Euro in assets and a market share of 10.7 percent and NLB Komercijalna had 5 billion and a market share of 9.9 percent.

The aforementioned banks control 74.5 percent of the banking market. Banks in Serbia had capital totaling 7 billion Euro on December 31, 2023. Business banks also had 9.6 billion Euro in accounts with the National Bank of Serbia (NBS) at the end of 2023.

(Danas, 01.04.2024)


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