Bankers: Dinar to remain stable whole year

The value of the Serbian currency will not change and will stay at around 119 dinars for 1 euro all this year – the banks in Serbia say.

They also add that there is a possibility that the euro will appreciate to a maximum of 120 dinars by December, but not more than that.

The banks underline that there are small chances that the Serbian currency will continue to appreciate for the second consecutive year, and add that it is encouraging that the dinar will remain at the same level and will not lose its value in 2018.

“It is possible that during the year, due to seasonal supply and demand, there will be a change in the dinar / euro exchange rate in the short term, but we do not expect any drastic disturbances. The current exchange rate is the result of higher foreign currency offer in the last two months, and we expect a stable exchange throughout 2018”, Eurobank says.

Chairman of the Executive Board of NLB Bank, Branko Greganovic says that, based on the current indicators, it can be expected that the domestic currency will remain stable this year with a slight appreciation.

“By the end of the year, the exchange rate could reach 120 dinars for 1 euro. The appreciation of the dinar during 2018 primarily depends on the measures implemented by the NBS and foreign investors investing in the purchase of dinar securities. Reducing the benchmark interest rate in the beginning of the year signals that the National Bank of Serbia (NBS) does not want the dinar that is too strong”, Greganovic believes.

Societe Generale Bank also says that they do not expect large fluctuations in the dinar/euro exchange rate, and their estimates show that the exchange rate will from 118.5 to 119 dinars for 1 euro by the end of 2018.

The NBS believes that the favorable macroeconomic situation in the country will continue to act as a stabilizing factor in the foreign exchange market.

(RTV, 10.04.2018)



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