Balkan Awards ceremony will not take place at Belgrade Drama Theatre

A few days ago, the actors from the Belgrade Drama Theatre protested against the Balkan Awards 2018 ceremony (also known as the Oscar of Popularity) taking place in their theatre.

The actors said in a joint statement that “show business does not belong on their theatre’s stage” and that “if we allow this ceremony to take place at their theatre, the next step could be having reality shows take place there too.”

More than 20 actors signed the protest letter in which they stressed that by renting the space to the Balkan Awards, the very existence of the theatre and its mission are jeopardized since the Balkan Awards are the very epitome of tackiness, kitsch and bad taste that does not belong on the theatre stage.

The letter was signed by Paulina Manova, Nataša Marković, Vesna Čipčić, Ljubinka Klarić, Andrej Šepetkovski, Slobodan – Boda Ninković, Ivana Nikolić, Anja Alač, Jelisaveta Orašanin, Marko Živić, Milica Zarić, Vladan Milić, Sladjana Vlajović, Sandra Bugarski, Milan Čučilović, Aleksandra Alač, Jadranka Selec, Jovo Maksić, Pavle Pekić and Lako Nikolić.

(Mondo, 12.02.2019)


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