Bakic: Vucic is a skilled demagogue, he’s laughing at all of us

Sociologist Jovo Bakic says that the current government, led by the country’s President Aleksandar Vucic, will certainly not leave voluntarily and will not admit losing at elections.

In an interview with Vreme weekly, Bakic also says he agrees with the opinion that deployment of armed force will be the only way to change the government, while being mindful about the way to do it, with the least possible bloodshed.

“This government will certainly not leave voluntarily. It could lose the next elections, but it will not admit it. Just like with Milosevic’s government, which had not recognized that it had lost the elections, we had to use force,” said Bakic.

“Human life is the most precious thing and that is why everything possible should be done to instigate a change of government, but not at the price of cooperating with the mafia. Since, if you make an agreement with the mafia, and it seems that certain the opposition segments are ready to that, all would be in vain. Then, we would only replace an authoritarian oligarchy with a pure oligarchy, which will have the same ties to the mafia,” said Bakic, adding that there can be no negotiations with the mafia because if you do negotiate, you automatically accept their rules.

Bakic goes on to say that the Serbian president is a very gifted demagogue who uses demagogy in a skilful way and this is what got him in power. He also denigrates anyone who has different opinions from his own, literally laughing in the face of the same people he calls to support him.

“He makes fools of all of us. Using Siniša Mali to fight corruption? He laughs in our faces and says, “look at those idiots, look at how I am laughing at you and I always get away with it,” Bakic warns.

The sociologist adds that Vucic musters support for himself and obedience from his associates by constantly giving them secondary positions (acting director, deputy minister, etc.) with the promise they will be appointed to the main functions one day.

“He appoints them acting director, for instance. After two years, he transfers them to another acting director position. If they were kept in one position for a longer period of time, they would actually have the opportunity to do something tangible, which is now simply not possible,” Bakic concludes.

(, 18.07.2019)


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