Bakic: Extreme right-wing groups serving as Vucic’s pit bulls

The silence of the Serbian right-wing extremist groups after Serbian List has been given three positions in Kosovo’s government clearly shows their links with the Serbian regime and the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), sociologist Jovo Bakic said on Tuesday.

Serbian List is closely tied with SNS and its leader, Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic. Serbia still officially considers the new Kosovo PM, Ramush Haradinaj a war criminal. In the past, far right groups held numerous rallies against Haradinaj, like the one when he was released from prisons in The Hague and France.

Bakic told “Voice” that the ties between SNS and far right organizations stem from the time when Tomislav Nikolic, the former Serbian president and SNS leader, and Vucic were high officials of the Serbian Radical Party (SNS) where the far right groups played the role of “useful idiots”, according to Bakic.

“These are useful idiots who attack on command; and when one forbids them from attacking, they do nothing. The evidence of this can be seen at previous Pride Parades when Aleksandar Vucic was in opposition. These groups were rioting, and we almost had Belgrade under siege. But since Vucic came to power, these groups are calm and the LGBT community is not attacked during the Parade”, Bakic explained.

Bakic has labeled far right extremists as Vucic’s “pit bulls on a leash”. “He releases them when he needs them”. For instance, SNS uses far right groups when it wants to divert public attention from tough issues. In such moments, “pit bulls” attack favorite scapegoats are LGBT groups or other non-governmental organizations, he explained.

“The method is to shift focus from what has been done; in this case, from formation of a coalition with Haradinaj, and then turn it on alleged ‘traitors of Serbian people’, those who allegedly sell Serbian national interests, ‘mercenaries of Soros’… This is a format that is not new at all It was also used by the regime of Slobodan Milosevic”, Bakic recalled.

(IBNA, 12.09.2017)



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