Baden-Württemberg focuses on Serbia

Representatives of the Vojvodinian government have met with the officials from one of the most developed European regions, Baden-Württemberg to renew the Cooperation Agreement.

The two regions signed the agreement in 2014, which expires at the end of the year. The both parties also agreed that extended the validity of the agreement would be mutually beneficial.

“This year, we have an ideal opportunity to introduce new content into the existing agreement between the two regions, which would give additional impetus to our cooperation,” said head of the Vojvodinian government, Igor Mirovic after a meeting with a delegation from the German federal state of Baden-Württemberg led by its Justice and European Affairs Minister, Guido Wolf.

As areas of common interest, which should be included in the new agreement, Mirovic mentioned agriculture, education exchange, tourism, establishing direct contacts between development agencies, and promotion of Vojvodina in Germany.

“Vojvodina is a European region, and we cooperate with 26 European regions. In May and June this year, we will sign cooperation with two regions in the Czech Republic and Poland”, said Mirovic.

When asked by German journalists about Serbia’s accession to the EU and its relationship with the Russian Federation, Mirovic said that joining the EU was Serbia’s foreign policy priority, and added that  Serbia was also trying to maintain traditionally good relations with Russia which would not impede its EU bid.

Guido Wolf pointed out that the delegation from Baden-Württemberg has received a warm welcome in Vojvodina, and that the topic of Europe is something that connects those two regions.

“We also spoke about the position and role of Vojvodina in Serbia’s bid for EU membership. We support this Serbia on its way to the EU and the development of Europe as a region of cooperation. Europe values ​​the independence, diversity and cultural identity of each region individually. We will continue cooperating within the framework of the agreement”, Wolf said.

Guido Wolf also met with the Serbian PM, Ana Brnabic who said, at the meeting with the German official, that Serbia was making great efforts to be a responsible and reliable partner in the region, while being aware that deep reforms were required with the end result being a well-regulated state.

Brnabic and Wolf also talked about Serbia’s progress in the process of joining the European Union, as well as economic, cultural and scientific cooperation. He pointed out that Baden-Württemberg had great potentials for even more successful economic cooperation with Serbia, and cited information technology, culture and tourism as areas where two countries can exchange experiences and expertise.

(Blic, Danas, 15.03.2018)

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