Average shopping bill in Serbia 4.5 EUR

An average Serbian citizen spends a total of 4.5 EUR at a shop in one go, while an average Italian shopper spends five times that amount – 24.5 EUR. The average shopper from the Benelux countries spends even more than the Serbian shopper – 22 times more (100 EUR) to be exact.

 Zarko Malinovic from the Serbian Chamber of Commerce says that, compared to last year, the retail consumption has gone up by 5% per an average bill. In Serbia, we mostly shop at local groceries, while in Italy, the shoppers usually buy at hypermarkets.

“In Serbia, people usually shop at small, local shops, two to three times a week on average. The Italians are more prone to shopping in hypermarkets where their average bill amounts to 24.5 EUR, while in the Benelux countries, the average spending in one go is over 100 EUR”, Malinovic adds.

According to the Serbian Statistical Office, the average family income in Serbia in the Q2 of this year stood at 60,195 dinars. Most of the family budget is spent on food and non-alcoholic drinks (34.2%) and rent, water, electricity, gas and other fuel (16.6%).

Then there are transport costs (9%), personal items and services (6.1%), clothes and footwear (5.5%), communications (5.5%), recreation and culture (4.8%), and alcoholic drinks and tobacco (4.8%).

(Kamatica, 03.10.2017)



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