Average salary reaches 404 Euros

Average salary in Serbia in April broke the record as the highest average salary since the breakup of Yugoslavia. Economy experts say that salaries could grow even more while there is a possibility of pensions going up between 4% and 5% in January 2018. In autumn, the salaries of civil servants will be 10% higher.

The average salary in Serbia amounted to RSD 9,208 fifteen years ago, whereas now it equals RSD 49,635. The wages have grown from EUR 151 to EUR 404, at the current exchange rate.

This is the highest average salary in Serbia ever since the dissolution of the SFRY, and it has exceeded the previously highest average wage of 402 EUR in 2008.

The average gross wage in April 2017, taxes and contributions included, amounts to RSD 68,246. The average net salary of April 2017 amounts to RSD 49,635, according to the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia.

The growth of wages in the preceding month is recorded by the official statistics in nearly all areas.

The list of best paid professions is headed by programmers, with salaries of over RSD 234,000, whereas the lowest salaries, close to the minimum wage, are paid to people working in film, TV and music production, support services, financial services and insurance, but also in catering.

(Vecernje Novosti, 27.05.2017)



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