Average salary in May lower by 4.5%

The average salary in Serbia in May 2017 stood at 47,136 dinars, which is a nominal drop of 0.5%, and a realistic drop by 4.5% compared to April – the State Statistical Office says.

In May, the gross average salary amounted to 64,860 dinars which, again is a nominal drop of 5.0% and a realistic drop of 4.5% compared to the month before.

Relative to the May 2016, the average wage, both gross and net, grew by 7.2% nominally, and 3.6% realistically – the Tanjug newswire reports. 

To remind, the average wage in Serbia in April broke the record as the highest average salary since the breakup of Yugoslavia. The gross wage in April 2017, taxes and contributions included, amounted to RSD 68,246 while the average net salary amounted to RSD 49,635, according to the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia.

(Politika, 26.06.2017)


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