Average salary in June 49,238 dinars

The average net salary in Serbia in June this year stood at 49,238 dinars which is nominally higher by 4.5% and realistically by 4.3% compared to the average May salary – the State Statistical Office says.

The average gross salary in June amounted to 67,857 dinars which is a 4.6% nominal hike and 4.4% realistic hike compared to the average gross salary in May.

Relative to the average salary paid out in June last year, the average gross and net salaries in June this year went up by 6% nominally, and 2.3% realistically.

The growing trend in salaries in Serbia will continue thanks to the concrete macroeconomic results and the announced hike in the civil servant salaries and pensions – the economics professor, Vladimir Krulj explains.

“On one hand, we have a clear increase in the national GDP and industrial production, as well as growing employment, which is probably the most important factor”, Krulj said apropos the State Statistical Office releasing the data about the average June salary.

He also says that the salaries will continue to grow thanks to the arrival of foreign investors to our country, and reminds that the government is currently negotiating with 53 potential investors regarding the projects worth 1.3 billion EUR.

“If we consider the fact that salaries in public sector and pensions will also go up, we can say with confidence that the average salary will continue to grow in the months to come. Furthermore, the number of employees in Serbia has been growing which toughens the competition in all sectors which, in turn, raises the real value of not only average salaries but also the real value of our market which appeals to investors”, professor Krulj adds.

(Blic, Vecernje Novosti, 25.07.2017)



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