Average salary in Vojvodina almost 57,000 dinars

According to data from the State Statistics Office, the average net salary in Serbia in September was 59,698 dinars. Compared to the same month last year, it is 11.2% higher in nominal terms and 9.2% higher in real terms.

In Serbia, the average net salary in September was 1,185 dinars higher than in August, at it stood at 58,513 dinars on average. When it comes to median salary, it was 45,817 dinars in September, which means that half of the total number of employees earn up to this amount per month. The average salary in September was also higher than that paid a month earlier which stood at 45,736 dinars (only an 81 dinar difference).

The salaries of employees in Vojvodina are, as in previous months, lower than the average national salary. The average income in Vojvodina in September reached 56,941 dinars, so the average salary in Vojvodina is 3,757 dinars lower than that paid in the rest of the country.

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Workers in Vojvodina earned, on average, more in September than in August. That is to say, that month, the average salary was 55,476 dinars, 1,465 dinars more than in August.

Out of seven districts in Vojvodina, only in one – Južna Bačka – the average salary in September reached and even exceeded, the amount of the national average. Thus, in September, the salary of workers in Bačka was on average 61,831 dinars, i.e. 2,133 dinars more than the national average. In the remaining six districts, workers earned less than the Vojvodina average in September and only in two districts did the average salary exceed 55,000 dinars.

In the largest number municipalities in Vojvodina, the average salary in August was about 50,000 dinars, and the lowest one was around 45,000 dinars. Workers in Bač had the lowest salary in September – 45,626 dinars, and followed by Srbobran – 45,748 dinars.

In the same period, workers in Mali Iđoš earned 46,046 dinars a month, while those in Kovačica  46,961 dinars.

(Dnevnik, 25.11.2020)



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