Average salary in Serbian IT sector 1,600 EUR

Salaries in the IT sector in Serbia average EUR 1,600 per month and, according to the latest research, as many as 7 out of 10 IT employees are satisfied with their jobs.

These are the results of research conducted by the largest IT recruitment site HelloWorld.rs and the international research agency Masmi on a sample of 1,328 IT professionals and beginners.

The research shows that salaries have continued to rise and that the average now reaches 1,600 euros, while 10% of the candidates earn more than 3,000 euros, which is five times the average salary in Serbia. In addition to high salaries, we can see an increasing number of candidates entering the IT sector with a high school education, as evidenced by the fact that one in four IT experts has only graduated high school.

This year’s results show that the IT community is dominated by men, aged between 18 and 39, with secondary or higher education. In terms of satisfaction, as many as 7 out of 10 IT employees are satisfied with their jobs and consider their company a good place to work.

However, only about 60 per cent are ready to stay with the same company next year, which indicates that satisfaction is only one of the reasons influencing employee retention in the company. Mediors and seniors stay in one company slightly longer on average, mediors averaging 27 months, while seniors decide to change companies on average every 4.5 years. For young professionals, the job-change period is considerably shorter and they decide to change jobs every year.

The fact that IT specialists top the list of the highest paid professions is already well known, but the question remains how much they really earn. According to research by HelloWorld.rs, the average salary in the IT sector now amounts to EUR 1,600.

The research also showed that men earn an average of 1,700 euros, while women have a much lower average salary of 1,300 euro. When comparing regions, Belgrade has by far the highest number of experts in this field, almost half. Computer scientists in the capital earn an average of 1,765 euros. Vojvodina is the closest region in terms of salary at EUR 1,526, followed by Southern and Eastern Serbia with EUR 1,225, while the lowest paid IT experts are in Šumadija and Western Serbia, with EUR 1,192.

Interestingly, 10 per cent of employees in the IT sector earn more than EUR 3,000, which is almost five times more than the average salary in Serbia. The following programming languages are most in demand:


2. JavaScript

3. Java

4. C#

5. Python

(Bizinfo, 26.09.2022)


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