Average salary in public sector 7,000 dinars higher than one in private sector

Data on April salaries, collated by the State Statistics Office, show that salaries in the public sector are higher than those in the private sector; the gross average salary in the public sector was 77,886 dinars, which is almost 7,000 more than the gross average salary in the private sector – 70,975 dinars.

As for public sector salaries, the state administration has the highest salaries, averaging 86,889 dinars, followed by people working in state-owned public enterprises with an average of 86,149 dinars, while the civil servants working in the Vojvodinian administration receive an average of 83,758 dinars a month.

Salaries in local governments lag behind those paid out by the Vojvodinian government by nearly 20,000 dinars, so the gross average salary of civil servants in individual local self-governments is 64,700, while workers in local public enterprises fare slightly better than local civil servants and earn an average of 67,981 dinars.

The average salary of employees in education and culture is 70,431 dinars while in the health and social welfare sector it stands at 79,067 dinars.

(Nova, 28.06.2022)





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